A warm welcome to all my readers especially who really hope for attaining the changes they are planning to do so.

I am a confident girl do you know why?  Not because I am bold it’s because of positivity whatever you do in your life is as per your positive mind set. Isn’t it if you have a positive mind set towards a particular thing then you think of dong it or else you never do it?

So are you”POSITIVE” towards everything you think about?????

If not, let me help you how to be always positive…..but do you really think If I tell you the secret you are going to be positive just like that .NO !…..

Until we see the benefits we are not going to adopt things with concentration and dedication so will tell you the benefits but before going ahead will share a short story of me how my positivity helped me to keep myself calm under pressure and not to give up.

A month back I joined a course where we usually implemented what we learned by completing our assignments in a fixed interval of time,so initially I was doing good but as the level of difficulty bars raised I started facing problems in completing my task assigned to me but somehow I completed .Then got the most difficult task to complete for which I gave my 3 nights and gave up 4 times but after giving up I felt unsatisfied and always things were in my mind telling me to take a fresh start .

And I tried the same ,always started doing the same thing for  at least 20 times still couldn’t get through .Then thought of let’s try for the last time and started working fresh on it and yeah I did it .

So WHAT I learned is one should have a never give up attitude and by mistake you don’t have that then you should have that X factor called positivity which had a conversation with my never give up attitude to make it work.

Now let me tell you the benefits of being positive:-

Benefits are described big when it is for your sake.

If you are positive you will be able to tackle your problems in a sensible manner otherwise anybody can freak out thinking about the results, you will have a different prospective to see the things happening around , you can come up easily from all the distress you mostly get into just because of not being rejected or any disappointment you are facing in your  life .

You can let others know that how beautiful life is. So all these are just few benefits, there are so many. Being positive it is going to change the things around you.

Whenever you deal something bad or heartbreaking just think what positive you see in it as the way coin has two faces similarly negative and positive are two faces of our lives.

So be happy ,calm and courageous to deal with any of the problems ,talk to people who talks positive ,never underestimate yourself, if people are criticizing don’t think about it just work on yourself leaving all the things behind then only you can shape up yourself into something  which you never ever have imagined.

Don’t always run behind the ideas to be unique just keep on doing your work with focus and positive mindset; you will be unique by your actions.

If someone appreciates you be kind and appreciate them for praising you for being positive around them, but never be over confident about what you have been praised for.

You are the one who can make yourself positive no one else in the world can help you ……Remember this for your entire life and adopt consistency to be realistic and positive

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